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From January 18th-February 1st please sell $10 Dominoes Pizza Cards to friends & family – Belle Aire will get $5 back from Platinum Fundraising for every card sold! These cards enable the purchaser to get one free pizza every time they buy a pizza and are good for the 2019 calendar year! Kids will have packets sent home before the 18th with more information. Lost a packet? Contact us

Check out the introduction video here



  • It is good for buy a large pizza, get a large pizza FREE!
  • The card sells for $10.00.
  • If the card is used just one time, your customers save more than the cost of the card!
  • The card can be used as many times as your customers would like until Tuesday, December 31, 2019.
  • The Slice the Price Card is valid for delivery or carryout!
  • The best part is that it can be used for multiple purchases. Examples:
    • Buy 2 large pizzas, get 2 large pizzas for FREE!
    • Buy 11 large pizzas, get 11 large pizzas for FREE!
    • Buy X large pizzas, get X large pizzas for FREE!!!!!
  • The Slice the Price Card works at participating locations in 13 states. Check out to see where the card works!
  • Receive 1 FREE SLICE THE PRICE CARD for every 12 cards you sell! Even if you sell just one card, you’ll receive a prize, but you’ll want to sell a LOT more than that! There are some great prizes – like $400 CASH! Choose a prize from the Pizza Professor Prizes based on the number of cards you have sold!


How does the Fundraiser Work?

  • The fundraiser runs from 1/18/2019 to 2/1/2019.
  • You can sell cards to friends, family, and coworkers – basically anyone who LOVES pizza!
  • Collect their money and write their name on your order form.
  • Turn in order forms and money to school by 2/1/2019.
  • Cash accepted or make checks/money orders payable to: Belle Aire PTA.
  • You will receive your cards back from the school with your original order form and your prize – Date TBD
  • Once you receive the cards, you will have to deliver them to your customers. Make sure you sell to people you will see again!

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