Financial Forms

I bought something or have an invoice for a PTA event/program

Do this: Submit your Payment/Reimbursement Request online! Use electronic receipts and invoices – if your documentation is not electronic, simply scan it or take a picture. Your request will go directly to the Treasurer for payment. No paper required!

If you are unable to submit your request electronically, print and fill out the Payment/Reimbursement Request form and send to the school office, attention to Treasurer.

I collected money for a PTA event/program

Do this: Record all checks and cash collected in the Deposit Voucher form. If you have many checks to deposit, use our handy Check Entry Spreadsheet. Please contact the Treasurer to arrange submission.

I am going to buy something to support a PTA event/program

Do this: Read the PTA Purchases and Sales Tax information to see what is considered exempt (do not pay sales tax) and non-exempt (must pay sales tax).

And do this! Print the Sales Tax Exemption Letter when making purchases that are tax exempt. When exempt purchases are made, the PTA is not able to reimburse you if you pay sales tax to the vendor.

I am on the audit committee

Do this: Review the By-Laws, request files from the treasurer and print out the Audit Report Form to summarize your review and findings.

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PTA Payment/Reimbursement Request

Fill out the form completely, except where noted that information is optional. Upload all supporting receipts and invoices. If you have a paper receipt, scan it or take a picture. If you have difficulties with uploading, choose the email option. If you have expenses for multiple budget line items, just enter them on separate lines …

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