Check Entry

This spreadsheet is for the convenience of people submitting deposits with many checks. When you open the file, a dialog box will appear asking you if you want to disable the macros. You must enable macros for this file to work; this is not the default. Click “Enable Macros” upon opening the file.

Follow instructions in the spreadsheet. Please only type in the yellow cells – if you move any of the cells around, it can mess up the formulas! After you’ve entered all of your checks, use the results for the Deposit Voucher that you are giving to the Treasurer with your checks. There’s no need to print this sheet! Simply save your work, and email it to the treasurer (just click on the Step 4 button in the sheet and it will open an email for you). Questions? If it’s money related, email the Treasurer, or if it’s tech related, email the Webmaster.

Download Check Entry Spreadsheet