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Come to PTA meetings during the learn to learn more about this project.

Total Cost – Approximately $93,000 

This is a big undertaking financially and the PTA is dedicated to meeting its current programming goals first. We will raise money to fund our current programs first and once we hit those goals all excess funds raised will go toward the playground.

The entire playground will not be replaced. 
We will be keeping the swings, zip lines and see saw as they are all newer components. We will replace the main structure and the metal climbing dome.

District partnership
The district is slated to replace the pea gravel and curbing and will coordinate with us to replace it when we are ready to install. The pea gravel will be replaced with mulch.

Feedback and Questions
Committee members are available to answer questions. Contact us


A vote was held at the PTA meeting May 9th, 2018 on whether or not to start a playground replacement project. Results: 11 ayes, 4 nos, and 4 abstain. The project began fundraising efforts in 2018-2019 school year.

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