Room Parents

Head Room Parents ensure all of the fun happens for their student’s class throughout the year!

Find your head room parent or volunteer by visiting Classroom Signups!

The Head Room Parent:

  • Organizes room parents for class parties (i.e.: who’s doing the game/craft, bringing food, etc)
  • Contacts teacher with plans
  • Manages classroom budget
  • Organize teacher appreciation week activities as requested by chairperson (non-monetary)

The Room Parent:

  • Works with the Head Room Parent and other room parents from your child’s class to coordinate class parties
  • Supply game/craft, snack and any other non-edible goodies for party
Classroom Party Snacks and Activities

Fresh fruit or fresh vegetables snacks are allowed during the class parties (no dips).

Due to student allergies Room Parents who will be bringing in outside supplies for projects (paints, glues, clay, foam, beans, etc.), need to send a clear picture of the product packaging (front and ingredients) to the classroom teacher no less than 5 days prior to the party, so we can forward them to the various allergy families.


PTA will reimburse for your expenses/items purchased for the class parties/picnic.  Your budget for the year is $3 x the amount of students in your classroom.  Remember when maxing purchases to follow the sales tax exemption rules and use the sales tax exemption letter at the time of purchase. Please submit your receipts for reimbursement within 30 days of the purchase/event. Feel free to pool your resources together with the other class in your grade if one exists.

Teacher favorites

During Staff appreciation week students are encouraged on specific days to wear favorite colors or sports teams. Details will be emailed closer to the week of events; refer to full list of teacher favorites for more info.