PTA Family Registration


Register adults and a student for the 2023-24 Belle Aire PTA.

  • First adult membership is $10. Additional adults are $7.
  • $3 is added for the student’s class party fee.
  • Add on hot lunches and the birthday book club for your student.
  • Additional students can be added to the cart below.

There are 8 Hot Lunches during the year for each program (Pizza and Al’s meals). If you order both programs, your student receives 16 total hot lunches during the year. Your order will be the same each month during the year. For families joining the program midyear, your order will be for the number of lunches remaining.

Student Information

Birthday Book Club

Hot Dog / Chicken / Grilled Cheese Hot Lunch

7 meals throughout the year. September ordering is closed; this order is for October through the rest of the year. Includes chips and a chocolate chip cookie.

Pizza Hot Lunch

8 lunches throughout the year. Portions are large, only some students will eat 2 slices.


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