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Read with Rusty

The Read with Rusty Reading Program will run from Monday October 18th through Sunday November 14th, 2021.

Turn in the completed form and your payment for extra tickets to school by November 21st.


What is the Read with Rusty program?

This is a voluntary reading program that encourages children to read outside the classroom by rewarding them for reaching their goals. Students that achieve their reading goals will receive a complimentary ticket to a Chicago Steel hockey game (USHL) at Fox Valley Ice Arena. Club members can also join the Steel for a virtual reading session on Wednesday, December 1st or 8th at 6 pm.

The recommended reading goal is one period of 20 minutes five days per week totaling 400 minutes. Assigned Homework reading assignments DO count toward the Read with Rusty program minutes so make sure you are counting everything you read outside the classroom!

All Chicago Steel games are played at:
Fox Valley Ice Arena
1996 S. Kirk Rd.
Geneva, IL 60134

Who can participate in Read with Rusty?

This is a voluntary program and any student in grades K-6 can participate.  The student must read for 100 minutes each week or a parent can read to their child for 100 minutes each week in order to qualify.

How do I redeem my free ticket to the game and order tickets for the family?

Use the Reading Log (pg 2 of this flyer) to track student’s completed minutes. Complete page 1 of the flyer to order additional tickets. Return both pages to school along with your payment.


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