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Screen Free Week

May 3rd-9th 2021

Screen-Free Week is about having more mind-engaging fun by turning the screens off and turning on your life!  This annual event is held to remind us of how creative and resourceful the Belle Aire students can be without television and screen media.

Here is how it works

If the student has not watched TV/other screen-time for the entire day, the student and parent sign the form. Make sure your name and teacher code are on each day you participated.  Each Screen-free-day-slip will be entered into a raffle.  If you’ve only participated in a few days, that’s ok…sign the days you participated, leave the others blank, and at the end of the week take a screenshot of the form. Check your weekly PTA email for the phone number to text in your entry.

Submit your signed participation form by Tuesday, May 11th

Remember NO VIDEOS, YOUTUBE, DVD’s, VIDEO GAMES, (including Nintendo, Play Station, X box, Gameboy, etc….), or non-educational computer games are allowed. Using a screen for homework is perfectly acceptable!

Screen-Free Week is a nation-wide effort that focuses attention not on the quality of TV programming, but on the excessive quantity of television that most Americans watch.  It asks that people reassess the roles TV/internet play in our daily lives as entertainer, baby sitter, time filler, background noise, and sales force. Unplug from digital entertainment and spend your free time playing, reading, daydreaming, creating, exploring, and connecting with family and friends. (Note: this year we are holding screen free week later than the national week to allow for scheduling of the events below.)

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