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Variety Show

This yearly event is under discussion for the 2021-22 School Year.

Interested in coordinating the show? Contact us


The Show Must Go On!

This year’s Variety Show will be VIRTUAL!!

Just because we don’t have a stage doesn’t mean you can’t share your talent with your classmates!!
The WORLD’S a stage! So use it! And capture your talent with a 1:30 minute (maximum) video!
This year’s show will be a video compilation accessed via video link.
(see below for more information)

The unique circumstances of this year’s show gives you the opportunity to show off a wider range of talent!
Are you an artist? Show us your art!
Want to make a short movie? Shoot it and share it!
Are you an athlete? Show us your moves!
The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!!
Be creative and have fun!

Signup here through Friday March 19th


Important Dates

  • Registration Form due:  Signup here by Friday March 19th
  • Videos due by April 17th. Videos to be max. 1:30 minute and in file format .mp4. (Parents of registered acts will be emailed directly with information on how to upload to a google drive.)
  • Final Variety Show video available for download: TBD


Keep in mind:

  • Each act must be 1: 30 min and under.
  • Each performer is limited to a max of 2 acts (NOT including the 6th grade act).
  • Please note that this year we have to cap the number of acts at 50.


This year’s show will be a video compilation that will be shared via password protected website.

Same as in year’s past, the Variety Show Chairperson will communicate directly with the Act’s Parental leader. (Referred to in year’s past as the “Group Leader”) Parent Leaders’, please be sure to provide a current e-mail address when you sign up.

Because of the unique nature of this year’s show format, we ask that the following protocols be followed:

  • Solo acts are suggested, and we will be much better able to see these types of acts in a virtual stage compared to the large Tivoli stage.
  • We are also able to host group acts, so long as the members of the act follow the protocols that are in place for us on a daily basis at school–masks are worn, six feet of distance between performers is maintained, and props aren’t shared.
  • Be creative! Since this will be a virtual event rather than an event at a venue, you get to create the setting/stage/background for your act.
  • Our variety show continues to be a family event for grades K-6, and acts and content must adhere to an audience within that age range in regards to content, costume, language, musical lyrics, etc.


Please contact the committee chair Marlana Wolff at with any questions. We’re looking forward the show!

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