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BAAA! (Belle Aire Art Awareness)

Mona Sheep-aHi Kids! Lucky you – you have Art Awareness today!

Meet Mona Sheep-a. She is our Belle Aire Art Awareness mascot (BAAA!).


Click or touch your grade to see your famous art for this month:

Kindergarten   /   First   /   Second   /   Third

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If you are in a MIXED  grade class, click the UPPER grade.


Kindergarten / K

OCTOBER – Caves at Lascaux – Hall of the Bulls

NOVEMBER – “Night-Shining White” – An ink painting by Han Gan (China)

JANUARY – Ancient Aztec Sun Stone

FEBRUARY – Terra Cotta Stirrup Jar With Octopus

MARCH – Collar of Neferuptah

APRIL –  Yellow Cow by Franz Marc

MAY – Untitled (Purple, White, and Red), 1953 at the Art Institute of Chicago


First / 1st

OCTOBER – Aboriginal Dot Painting – Australia

NOVEMBER – “Snow Flowers” by Henri Matisse

JANUARY – “Untitled XVII, 1984″ by Willem de Kooning

FEBRUARY –  “Paris Street; Rainy Day” by Gustave Caillebotte

MARCH – “Yellow Hickory Leaves with Daisy” by Georgia O’Keeffe

APRIL – The Railway Crossing (Sketch) by Fernand Léger

MAY – Avery Coonley Playhouse Triptych Window by Frank Lloyd Wright on display at Art Institute of Chicago (this was located at Avery Coonley when it was located in Riverside, prior to moving to Downers Grove)

Second / 2nd

OCTOBER – “Pull Boys” – A painting by Grandma Moses (Anna Mary Robertson)

NOVEMBER – “The Great Wave” – A print by Katsushika Hokusai (Japan)

JANUARY – “Tropical Forest With Monkeys” by Henri Rousseau

FEBRUARY – American Gothic by Grant Wood

MARCH – “Constructive City with Universal Man” by Torres García

APRIL – Head. 1920. by Luibov Popova

MAY – Paris Through the Window by Marc Chagall

Third / 3rd

OCTOBER – “Alice” – A painting by Amedeo Modigliani

NOVEMBER – “The Child’s Bath” – A painting by Mary Cassatt

JANUARY – ‘Self-Portrait on the Borderline Between Mexico and the United States” by Frida Kahlo

FEBRUARY – Mandolin and Guitar by Pablo Picasso

MARCH –  Campbell’s Soup Can by Andy Warhol

APRIL – Central Park Design by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux

MAY – Miró’s Chicago by Joan Miró

Fourth / 4th

OCTOBER –  “Fragment I for Composition VII (Center)A painting by Wassily Kandinsky

NOVEMBER – “Flamingo” – A sculpture by Alexander Calder (in Chicago!)

JANUARY – “0 through 9″ by Jasper Johns

FEBRUARY – Rangoli Designs

MARCH – “Snap the Whip” by Winslow Homer

APRIL – Casa Batilló in Barcelona, Spain by Antoni Gaudí

MAY – Nasir ol Molk Mosque in Shiraz, Iran


Fifth / 5th

OCTOBER – “Nighthawks” – A painting by Edward Hopper

NOVEMBER – Totem Poles of the Northwest Native Americans

JANUARY – Flying Machines from the notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci

FEBRUARY – Edgar Mueller Street Art

MARCH – “Three Men Walking II” by Alberto Giacometti

APRIL – Fishing Boats with Hucksters Bargaining for Fish by J.M.W. Turner – on display at Art Institute of Chicago

MAY – “I Saw the Figure 5 in Gold” by Charles Demuth

Sixth / 6th

OCTOBER – “The Migration of the Negro, Panel No. 3” – A painting by Jacob Lawrence

NOVEMBER – “The Flower Carrier” – A painting by Diego Rivera

JANUARY – “Drowning Girl” by Roy Lichtenstein

FEBRUARY – The Persistence of Memory by Salvador Dali

MARCH – “I Have Special Reservations” by Elizabeth Catlett || About Printmaking

APRIL – Wrapper, Andinkra Cloth (unidentified Asante artist)

MAY – Waterfall by M.C. Escher and Sea Horse (No. 11) by M.C. Escher







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