Hot Lunch

The Belle Aire PTA offers two programs for hot lunches for students in grades 1– 6 and full-day Kindergarten; half-day K is not eligible.  Participation is optional . Your student’s order will be the same each month (for each restaurant) throughout the school year.

Online ordering for hot lunch is part of the PTA Signup process here. You do not have to sign up for both programs. If you already joined PTA and want to add hot lunch to your order now, you must contact the webmaster.

Volunteer to serve! We cannot run this program without parent assistance. It’s only an hour of your time so please go to Volunteer Opportunities to see available dates (also noted below) and add your name! Volunteers will set up the packaged food at several stations inside the school and assist students as needed as they retrieve their items ‘grab-and-go’ style.

Pizza Hot Lunch (catered by Zazzo’s) consists of your choice of 1-2 slices of Cheese Pizza. (We cannot offer pepperoni or sausage this year.) The pan pizza is made with a thick pastry crust.  Each slice is ½ inch thick and approximately 7 to 8 oz.  Due to this generous portion, 1 slice is usually sufficient; some older students order 2 slices. Side options are a package of six Oreo cookies and/or a small container of vanilla ice-cream. A Gluten-Free 10” round thin crust cheese pizza is available for students with allergies/dietary restrictions.

Pizza Hot Lunch Dates: September 29, October 27, November 10, December 15, January 26, February 23, March 22, and April 26

Hot Dog/Chicken Tenders/Grilled Cheese (Catered by Al’s Pizzeria) meals come with chips and cookies. You may choose 1-2 hot dogs, 3 or 5 chicken tenders, or 1 Grilled Cheese sandwich. 

Hot Lunch Dates: September 15, October 13, December 1, January 12, February 9, March 8, April 12, and May 10

View Nutrition information for some food products.

Contact the chairpersons with questions on the programs. Contact the webmaster with any questions about online ordering/payment.

District Lunch Program: The district has announced a new lunch program to run every day of the week, starting Oct 30, 2023. This will run alongside our PTA Friday hot lunch program. The district program sign up is for individual dates. Be careful to not sign up for dates you’ve already purchased lunch with us. Signing up for both programs on the same day and buying your child two lunches is possible if you aren’t watching the dates carefully. If you have signed up for PTA hot lunch, your child already has lunch scheduled for these dates. This will remain unchanged. There is no coordination between programs; we won’t be notified if you purchased lunch twice.