Lunch Book Club

Chat about books while eating your lunch!

We are excited to revamp this program this year by borrowing sets of books from the Downers Grove Public Library and its networked libraries. This is an optional program for students in grades 2 – 6.

Parents, we need you to lead! This student sign-up form also has fields to capture your availability to run a group discussion.

Depending on the number of students interested in participating, some grades may have two groups. Smaller size groups will allow for more productive and enjoyable meetings for everyone. There is no guarantee that students will be placed with their friends. Your parent volunteer will regularly communicate important details of the program.

Please consult your child before signing them up and make sure this is something they really want to do because they enjoy reading and want to participate in a thoughtful group discussion!

Note: The DG library requires any lost books to be fined 60% of the book price. PTA will provide the specific cost to any family who loses a book and details on how to pay it.

2022-2023 Schedule

Winter Session – beginning in February

  • 4th Grade – Wednesdays – led by Beth Green & Andraea Staley
  • 5th/6th Grade – Thursdays – led by Lisa Sharpsteen Huergo

Spring Session – beginning in March

  • 2nd Grade – Tuesdays – led by Laura Myers
  • 3rd Grade – Fridays – led by Maggie Noon

Note: 2nd grade will always meet in spring. It is important to allow our younger students to build critical reading skills during the fall before diving into book club.

Register below: