PTA Registration

Instructions (please read)

First you will fill out the form for each student individually, providing their name, grade, teacher, birthday book club and hot lunch selections.

You are not able to page back and edit earlier entries.

After you’ve entered information for each of your students, you will then be directed to order additional items for the family: PTA Membership, Yearbooks, Staff gift donations and/or general donations.

An email copy of each student’s order is delivered separately, and on your last student you will also receive your family’s payment total. Review these emails carefully and contact the webmaster with any changes or if you did not receive one of the emails. You are not able to page back and edit earlier entries but the webmaster can edit your order for you.

You can pay the entire balance with a credit card as the final step or chose an alternate payment method: Zelle or cash/check to school. Payment instructions will be sent to you and are also visible on the confirmation page after you submit.

Note: Yearbooks are sent home through the last student that you enter. If you have a preference for which one of your students receives these items, register him/her last.

Reminder: Please review your information carefully as you enter it; once you click submit, there will be no way for you to go back and make changes. You’ll have to contact us. 🙂

If you want to see what you can register for and for how much, here are our Products & Prices.

Ready? Let’s get started with your first student!