Variety Show Rehearsals

In School Rehearsals

Students will wait/work quietly in the LRC. Please arrive no more than 15 minutes before your time slot if possible. Performers will be escorted into the gym to practice their act twice then asked to leave school unless they need to wait to perform in a second act.  Review your email carefully for dates/times.

Dress Rehearsal – Please be ready, in costume and on time!

Start Time – 3:15 target end time 5-5:15. Time frames listed in the emailed schedule are APPROXIMATE. Please be patient. Once your act has performed AND taken their group photo – you may leave.

6th grade Announcers need to be present for the entire rehearsal.

When you arrive at the theatre – please look for your seats labeled with your act number (see emailed schedule) on the seats at the FAR RIGHT side of the theatre.

Parent assistants must be prepared to: come back stage to help guide and oversee the setup for the group act, watch their group performance from backstage and then help usher their group and any associated props, off stage.

Groups with props – don’t forget rectangular or square laundry basket to hold your props (we’ll label with painters tape) for backstage storage, organization and safekeeping.

Group Photos

Please make sure your group is in full costume/outfit/attire for the dress rehearsal. We will be taking group photos of everyone in the lower level of the theatre as they enter the stage for their act. A chaperone must be present with their group to keep their group QUIET and calm. After the act, we will then have an usher, with the chaperone leading your group, guide you back to your seats. Please make sure the kids do this in an orderly quiet fashion


A chaperone must be present with their group to keep their group QUIET and calm.

After your group has performed, group leaders/chaperones will be assisted by an usher off of the stage. Please discreetly work your way from the stage to seats in the reserved section POST PERFORMANCE.
Please make sure the kids do this in an orderly quiet fashion for minimal distraction to on stage performers and audience members.

Tivoli Theatre Conduct

Our ability to continue holding the variety show at the Tivoli Theatre, depends on the behavior of our students and the cooperation of our Group Leaders.   Please be courteous and respectful your entire time at the Tivoli Theatre.

Please read the following rules to your children regarding expected conduct at the theatre (both rehearsal and actual day of the show). Reminder: 1 chaperone present for every 4 students.

  • Students are expected to stay with their group for the entire rehearsal. If students are leaving directly after their rehearsal, they must be picked up from their group by the parent or guardian, unless the group is leaving as a whole after their rehearsal. (Chaperones please make sure all of the kids in your group are picked up before leaving the theatre.)
  • For the actual day of the show. Children will be expected to stay with their groups for the entire length of the show. If you would like your child to sit with you, please come and get them and let the chaperone know. Unless a parent comes directly to the chaperone, no child can leave their group to join their family.
  • Concessions are not available for the Dress Rehearsal. Concessions ARE available for the day of show.
  • Restroom conduct. All children are expected to behave while using the restroom. Restroom monitors will be onsite to make sure proper conduct is used. Chaperones are expected to escort their groups to and from the restroom to help ensure expected levels of conduct. GROUP LEADERS with 4 participants – consider bringing and additional chaperone with you for this rehearsal and day of show so your group is not left unattended or consider escorting your entire group before rehearsal or showtime to the restroom and back.
  • NO HAIRSPRAY IN THE LOBBY RESTROOMS. Dressing rooms will NOT be available for the rehearsal or the show. Use alternative means of hair preparation day of rehearsal AND come fully prepared day of show. Dress rehearsal will begin promptly at 3:15. BE READY.
  • Be respectful to the other acts on stage. Getting up in front of an audience takes a lot of courage. Please support your classmates by giving them your silence and your attention as they work through their rehearsals. This event is fun AND a learning experience. Let’s work together to make the most of it on BOTH levels!
  • CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELVES. Our school’s utilization of this establishment is a privilege, NOT a right. Garbage cans are located throughout this establishment and you are expected to make use of them. Take your garbage with you as you leave the theatre. Sections will be marked. A mess CANNOT be left if we wish to be able continue using the Tivoli for this event.